Thursday, 7 May 2009

Back to work...yadda.. (J)

Tenjinyama Park Picnic - end of Golden Week.

The Golden Week holiday is over and I have to go back to work.

But the weather has been brilliant and I feel relaxed after 5 days at/near home doing things I needed/wanted to do.

Needed: unpacking boxes, making curtains, cleaning the fish tank, arranging stuff in the house...
Wanted:see a movie, two friends' parties, two outtings with Okaasan to see cherry blossoms, cooking (mostly successful!), quality time with the cat, gardening, bought a mulcher...
Tenjinyama cherry blossom and Yujiro.

Only downside is that the ligament I pulled about 3 weeks ago when I ran quickly back to the house for some gloves - it's got worse. A 90 minute walk we did finished it and now walking up and down stairs is painful. So I couldn't do all the hiking I wanted. I'm busy today, but maybe tomorrow I'll go to the hospital. Nothing much they can do or say really apart from the obvious: don't over bend the knee. Ironic that just as Yujiro gets fit again and is bounding up and down stairs...I am creaking around.

And Okaasan? She seems happy. She really loved going to the cherry blossoms. Apart from Maruyama Park, the big blossom-viewing place, we also took her to Tenjinyama Park which is 1 minute from the front door. She was delighted that such a park was near the house.

I've cooked more in Golden Week and it was mainly successful. Cooking in this large kitchen is much more relaxing for me - maybe my relaxation is influencing the food quality!
Last night I did fried fish...Okaasan wasn't home by 7 pm so we started eating. She arrived 5 minutes later. I made her wait while I finished my food so she hopefully gets the point - it is really really RUDE to come home so late when she has the whole day to go and walk round shops. We cannot hang around with OUR evening plans waiting for her to deign to come home.
We tell her many times that she must come home for dinner at 7 pm...but she doesn't remember. I think maybe in Saitama she went out late afternoon after the heat of the day, walked round the shops and ate dinner this setting out at 3 pm or 4 pm is a habit from that life.
Hopefully if she comes home here a few times and sees us already sitting eating dinner...or even finished - she might remember that after 7 pm is too late now.



必要だったこと; 箱の荷解き、カーテン作り、水槽の掃除、家の中のものの整頓・・
したかったこと; 映画を観ること、友人のパーティが二つ、お義母さんとのお花見の二回の外出、お料理(ほとんど成功!)、ネコとの極上の時間、ガーデニング、発酵促進剤を買うこと・・・




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