Monday, 4 May 2009

Cherry blossom family expedition. (J)

Today we got out early and went to Maruyama Park, which is the big cherry blossom seeing place in Sapporo.
In Japan going-to-see-the-cherry-blossom is a major event with groups of students, colleagues, families and friends setting out groundsheets under the trees and having a picnic. In Hokkaido it also means barbecues.

We ambled round the park looking at the blossoms. After that we went to a shopping mall and stuffed ourselves on a huge buffet lunch. The three of us made it this far - from early December, thorough all the dramas of winter to the house move and finally a spring peace.


Yujiro made an interesting comment this morning: he said he thinks Okaasan's conversation and memory about her day was BETTER last night at dinner...and that maybe the sheet sewing was good for her. That we should find other sewing projects for her to do!
To be honest, I was so knackered from gardening I don't remember her conversation last night. But it's interesting. Doing the sewing is something she is good at, enjoys and used to do a lot. I think the book I have on "Contented Dementia" mentions something about this - finding an activity that the Loved One enjoys.
Hmm. Interesting. We may end up ripping out clothes on purpose to keep her supplied with an endless series of little repair jobs!

Meanwhile...more cherry blossom pix.





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