Thursday, 21 May 2009

Dinner at the hamster-wheel. (J)

Yujiro was out at a job interview guess who cooked dinner?

But I cheated. Bought some sashimi (raw fish) at the quality supermarket and put it together with a lotus root and shrimp paste fried ball from the deli counter in the top department store,then rice, soup and broccoli...oh and pickles.

Okaasan seemed to like it. We sat at the kitchen table and chatted about stuff. But she did get in one of her hamster-wheel conversations - round and round...and round and round...and round - all about Yujiro's father playing golf with a guy from the office, who'd then helped at the funeral...but died himself 3 months later. I heard the same story about 7 times in 15 minutes.

I kept thinking of ways to get her OFF the hamster-wheel - finally I stood up and started clearing plates from the table, which got her onto "No, no...leave it, I'll wash up"...her usual refrain after dinner. I think the hamster-wheel chat is when she's tired. She'd been out this afternoon in the heat to the lilac festival in the park.

Anyway. Basically a success. I am still surprised that I CAN do this. Cook and sit for an hour or so chatting in Japanese to an old lady. I would never have thought I could do this. Live in Japan. Chat in Japanese at a family dinner. Somehow.

Yujiro came home from, his interview just as Okaasan was starting the washing up. Waiting to hear about the job. But it sounds like evening work, which might be hard with our domestic situation. I work late at least 2 nights a week...we'll see.

In the meantime: get THIS! WHO is this guy in our hallway tonight? I have no idea. It can't be the same guy who wanders around in baggy old sweat pants most of the time. Must be one of those suave salesmen who come to the door and try to sell you cable TV.


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