Friday, 8 May 2009

Gentle life...yeah...right...(J)

Well. Today I went to the doctor about my left knee pain.

Dr. Yamaguchi of Minami Hiragishi - who speaks English shyly and sweetly - told me there is no big problem, but I should have a "gentle life" for the next 2-3 weeks.

Gentle life?!! What's that?

This is all the result of that quick sprint back to the house for gloves I did 3 weeks ago. My knee felt a bit strained. But we continued early morning walks.
Then last week I walked from Minami Hiragishi to Sakaigawa...90 minutes in the spring sunshine.
Next day I could hardly climbs steps!

So now I creep around. Hunt out the elevators at stations. get up and down carefully.
Bugger. I want to start hiking and enjoying life again.

But if a few weeks of slow life is what it takes. That's what I'll have to do.

Other news:

* That photographer who is doing a book about foreign women married to Japanese guys is going to come and see me in June! Just time to get on the Banana Diet and lose a few kilograms. have a hair cut. etc etc.

* We had dinner-a-deux tonight. Okaasan didn't go OUT until 4.30 pm. So Yujiro cooked dinner and we ate it together at 7.10 pm. Nice to chat as normal. Dinner with Okaasan is usually Yujiro chatting away at her about cooking/food/long ago news/memories...I usually just sit and eat and make a few comments.
Anyway, tonight Okaasan rolled in about 7.45 pm. We'd washed up the plates by then. So we served her dinner and left her eating it alone in the kitchen. Tough love.



穏やかな生活?!! それって何よ?


もう! ハイキングを始めてまた人生を謳歌したいわ。





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