Monday, 18 May 2009

How much should we entertain?

How much should we DO things with Okaasan to brighten her day?

I feel guilty about this. That we swan off to enjoy our lives - today we went downtown to see a movie, while Okaasan stayed home watching TV and eating snacks.

While I don't think of course that we should be taking her along with us to even 50% of the time, I feel a bit bad that she did nothing much on a day like this. We chatted a bit in the morning in the kitchen, Yujiro made her a small lunch (gums still hurt) and I cooked dinner (successful spaghetti! with salt!).

Is that enough? It was bad weather today so she stayed home. I guess that's what she wanted to do. She's an active senior with all the walking, but even she maybe just has days when she sits and veggies. Is it ok?

I think the time is coming when we should take her out service time is a-coming. A flower festival, an onsen...something.

But she IS making a life herself: we came home from the movie (Slumdog Millionaire - great!) to find a box of instant coffees on the kitchen table. Okaasan had found a local newspaper delivery company and signed on...this was her signing-on-present.

In the old house Okaasan managed to somehow cancel a newspaper delivery that Yujiro had organised (I think...the whole thing was a confusion), but now she has hunted out a delivery company again.

Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about entertaining her.

Anyway. Another week.
My knee hurt last night. Too much walking to get to the movie - my mistake - today and tomorrow are going to be busy working days. It will be hard to have a gentle life.

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