Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The ###### knee. (J)

Had a hard 2 days.
Nothing to do with Okaasan, who I just saw briefly at dinner Monday night.

All about the knee. It's been bad since Sunday night. Swollen. Painful.
Monday and Tuesday are long working days. It's hard to be gentle on the knee.

I love my job, but it felt like work this week. If it was just a sit-at-the-desk and use-a-keyboard kind of work it would be no problem. But I have to put on the Happy Teacher Face and interact with people...endless people. 6 classes Monday. 5 classes Tuesday.

All Happy Teacher Face outside. Depressed Middle Aged Frump Inside.

Luckily I didn't cancel a dinner date with a friend last night and that helped so much. On my way home from Shin-Sapporo we met at the station. We crept around Daimaru and had dinner and then Starbucks coffee and cake. I crept down to the subway and took a taxi the last stretch home.

Going to the doctor again this morning.

###### 膝め 
#$#$|%$“#$ これは悪態をつかないブログにしようとしているところ。


  1. I understand completely what you meant by putting on a happy face, Amanda. Most of our students have no idea how much energy goes into our teaching, especially when the lesson goes well. It's especially difficult when we're feeling miserable. All I can say is that, this is not going to last for the rest of your life! But your body is telling you to take it easy, so listen to it as much as possible. And if Freeze Sapporo! takes place, make sure you're in a seated place that you can hold for a while!

  2. Hi CA! way do I ever want to do a job where I have to sit at a desk for hours...but at times when you are feeling less than 100% a teaching job is so hard.
    AFter all the events of the past year - Yujiro and his leg, then Okaasan coming to live with us and then my Dad in hospital etc...I feelmy students have seen more than enough of my stress!
    They are paying money for an English Lesson and I feel guilty about giving tjem less than 100% energy and genki.